Favorite Counties for Indonesian Students


Indonesia studentsAre you an Indonesian student who wants to look for the right country to study? If you are, below are some favorite countries for Indonesia students:

Australia. Based on UNESCO in 2011, Australia is the first favorite country for Indonesia students. This happens because life cost in this country is cheaper than England and America. Besides, foreign students are allowed to take part time job for 20 hours per week in each semester. Students assume that studying in Australia is more interesting because they study to live more independent.

America. The main reason why Indonesia students like studying in America is availability of top colleges there. As you probably know, there is Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, Yale University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Dartmouth College.

England. Similar to America, students who come from Indonesia choose to study in England is because there are many top colleges in this country. Besides, some colleges offer special offers for Indonesia students, so they can save some money. Stirling University, York University, Canterbury Christ Church University, Bristol University, Cambridge University, and Oxford University are some examples.

German. Aside from England, Indonesian students like studying in German because life cost and tuition fee there is cheaper. This happens because 90% colleges in German are owned by government. Even, in Baden Wurttemberg, students can study at college for free. Nevertheless, to study in this country, students have to master German language. There is language course for new students who want to master this language.

Problems in Having Car Insurance


Car Insurance 3Most people are now trying to compare the benefits and drawbacks of having car insurance or asuransi mobil before selecting one. If we talk about car insurance, there are absolutely a number of benefits. It protects our car financially when we have to deal with unexpected things that can cause damage or loss, like accident, natural disaster, or theft. On the other hand, let’s talk in detail about disadvantages or problems in owning car insurance:

Expensive premium. Some people are still not aware and interested in buying car insurance because of its expensive premium they can’t afford. In fact, car insurance insurers might require customers to spend $250 per year. Location, type of coverage, age, car, and occupation affect the amount of premium rate charged to customers.

Lack of coverage. A number of insurance customers are disappointed to find the policy contains very limited coverage. Maybe, the car insurance product doesn’t cover for sabotage and doesn’t provide ambulance fee. Consequently, the customers themselves are responsible for paying the fee. The type and number of coverage really affect the amount of auto insurance premium for sure.

Rejected claim. The biggest and worst issue car insurance customers might every deal with is claim rejection. It is absolutely disappointing and depressing because what we need is the financial coverage, but we couldn’t get it. Commonly, car insurance companies disapprove car insurance claim due to inappropriate application and incomplete documents.

To minimize the problems in having car insurance above, you must be careful and wise when making a selection.

Menyiasati Kerugian Akibat Kenaikan Bahan Baku


biaya5Dalam suatu perusahaan, khususnya perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang manufaktur, kerugian akibat kenaikan bahan baku (entah karena kelangkaan atau pun karena kebijakan pemerintah) sudah tentu akan terjadi setiap saat atau setiap waktu.

Jika hal ini terus menerus dibiarkan tanpa ada strategi untuk mengatasinya, bukan tidak mungkin mesin-mesin perusahaan dan kegiatan operasional perusahaan lainnya tidak dapat dijalankan lagi karena perusahaan gulung tikar. So, bagaimana cara menyiasati keadaan ini?

Menaikkan harga

Langkah yang bisa dilakukan perusahaan untuk menyiasati keadaan ini adalah dengan menaikkan harga produk. Bagi sebagian perusahaan yang minim kompetitor mungkin langkah ini mudah dilakukan. Akan tetapi, bagi perusahaan yang memiliki banyak pesaing langkah ini perlu pertimbangan yang matang sebab hal ini bisa jadi membuat kehilangan pelanggan.

Mengurangi kuantitas

Di sisi lain, cara yang bisa dilakukan perusahaan adalah dengan mengurangi kuantitas produk itu sendiri. Seperti halnya, pada saat bahan baku belum baik Anda memberikan 5 ml untuk 1 sachet sampo namun ketika bahan baku naik Anda bisa memberikan 1 sachet sampo sebanyak 4 ml. Meskipun mengurangi kuantitas, pastikan bahwa kualitas produk masih sama atau sesuai standar.

Menggunakan alternatif lain

Ketika Anda menggeluti dunia bisnis dan pada akhirnya akan menghadapi situasi ini, langkah yang bisa Anda ambil adalah mencari alternatif lain. Maksudnya? Ketika bahan baku yang biasa Anda gunakan mengalami kenaikan, Anda bisa menggunakan bahan baku pengganti yang lebih murah.

Melakukan perampingan pengeluaran

Jika semua langkah di atas tidak memungkinkan untuk Anda ambil, alternatif lain yang bisa Anda lakukan adalah melakukan perampingan pengeluaran di luar produksi. Dalam hal ini, Anda bisa menghemat penggunaan listrik, air, atau pengeluaran lainnya yang dianggap kurang efisien.






Stress-Free Holiday


Stress-Free Holiday3People decide to go on vacation during religious holiday, national holiday, or any free time to refresh their mind and prevent stress. Nevertheless, some people said that the holiday itself could cause stress. Have you ever experienced this? Well, going on holiday requires you to do troublesome and tiring preparations about accommodation, transportation, and packing. To avoid being stressful, you can follow some methods below:

1) Choose the right holiday destination

Your holiday destination really affects the joy you will get during the trip. Some people admitted that they got stress because of choosing a wrong place for their vacation. Why does it really matter? Of course, you will need to get to know more about your destination first prior to your holiday. For instance, if you want to go Bangkok, you at least know a bit about culture, language, and areas in Thailand.

2) Do your homework early

Make sure to do your homework as early as possible. Initially, you need to plan your possible holiday activities at the destinations. For those who want to go to Bali, Indonesia, several things to do in Bali to include are having fun at the beach, trying Bebek Betutu  or Babi Guling, going to the temples, getting spa and massage, and so on. Furthermore, your other crucial task is packing. Do your homework early and rightly to avoid stress.

3) Ask for help

If you feel extremely stressful to prepare everything for holiday on your own, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You may ask your family or friend to help you choose the best holiday destination, do packing, find locations, etc. Alternatively, you probably hire a travel agent to provide all your travel needs in one package.

What’re Services Which Can Be Found at Cakra Studio?


serviceMaybe you have found out about Cakra Studio? When you yourself have not, Cakra Studio is just a reliable organization that’s situated at TR Workplace Park Blok A No. 12, Jalan Thamrin Boulevard (behind uniform), Jakarta, Indonesia. The corporation provides numerous sectors: small-business, healthcare, home, economic, and corporate. Really, what’re solutions that are provided by the corporation? Discover the solution below:

Website design. Work with this specific organization that delivers qualified internet site design solutions, if you like to design your website brilliantly, therefore it looks professional and qualified. Web design is used by the corporation together with your market in your mind and web design utilizing industry-best practice.

Online marketing. Online marketing solutions that are supplied by Cakra Studio are statistics statement, social networking marketing, email marketing, PPC marketing, and SEO. These online marketing solutions are effective and helpful get large revenue, generate more clients, and to increase your revenue price.

Web-development. Do you want help create your website nicely? Utilize web-development solutions from Cakra Studio, should you choose. The corporation will assist you to create site with SEO in your mind and combine your site with super-friendly CMS (Content-Management System). Your website is likely to be more competent and greater, by utilizing these solutions.

Irrespective of offering three services above, Cakra Studio offers additional services: outsource growth and information services. Btw, have you been thinking about cooperating with this specific organization?

Lessen Firm’s Charges with Your Techniques


Reduce Company's Expenses3Are you aware why is an organization out-of-business? You must realize, problems in managing funds become the reason for the shortcoming of the organization to steadfastly keep up its stability.

Mistakes in financial administration below might be viewed since the business isn’t in a position to decrease the amount of spending. That’s, constant budget given by the organization exceeds the total amount of revenue received.

Your business doesn’t need the exact same fate? In that case, it’d not hurt if you try the solutions below.

Utilizing the software. Working costs-such as energy and water can often be the explanation for increasing corporate spending. Therefore, to overcome this case, you need to use some resources like the following:

  • Pump water. Another action you can certainly do to get rid of the expense of water would be to use a water pump to use surface water.
  • Solar. By switching down after-use retains energy is basically not fully be a suitable choice. Though it has-been performed occasionally however increasing energy funds. Just what exactly can be carried out? By utilizing solar, solar energy absorbing system for later function as a way to obtain electric energy.
  • Panel turbine. You may also purchase a generator cell to lessen the expense of energy use. Find genset sections at economical costs in this site.

Using free website hosting. Whichever sort of items you supply goods or services, the advertising is vital do. But often, it’ll create the marketing budget to swell. As a workaround, it is possible to advertise through the internet site by utilizing free web-hosting.

Employing a rental car. Meanwhile, you may also make the most of car rental companies. Therefore, so long as need certainly to pay fees or restoration and maintenance of equipment since it was all accomplished from the car rental vendors themselves.

Easy Online Jobs


online jobWorking online is getting more and more popular these days. Well, are you also interested in working online from home? If you dream about making thousands of dollars in a month on the internet, you are not along. There are many people out there searching for easy online jobs, such as:


Many big companies are looking for reliable translators to translate documents from one to another language. If you speak English or are just good at it, translation is a profitable job opportunity for you. Just be sure that you know about not only language translation, but also punctuation, spelling, and grammar. In this case, you can either be a freelance translator or work for a community. People usually pay for translation jobs per page, hour, or work.


Another online job you can consider is a writer. Do you love writing? Just like the translators, you can be a freelance online writer that works with flexible schedule. The subjects of writing you are going to offer depend on your writing skill. Perhaps, you are great at writing academic essays, research papers, thesis, and so forth. Besides, you are probably able to write website contents for a company.


Finally, you can also make money easily online by blogging. If you have a blog, you should know that your blog can be monetized. You can get paid to review products or services by merchants. Becoming an affiliate marketer is also a great way to make money from blogging. Alternatively, you can join Adsense program to gain revenue.

What to Do in Way Kambas National Park?


way kambasYou are feeling bored a vacation in the pond, pond, water growth, and the beach? Way Kambas national park could be considered among the oldest nature reserves in Australia. Consequently, Way Kambas National Park has been recognized since 29 years back or somewhat in 1985. The national park comes with a section of roughly 1,300 km2 is found in the region of Labuan King, East Lampung.

Shoots, pandanus, palm, and pidadah are just an assortment of the national park’s flora. This national park is usually tame tigers of Sumatra, train, and breed. Playing soccer and plowing, wood rising is just a type of instruction that’s performed from the administration. It’s not meant that additional tigers could be a vision and entertainment of interest for the guests.

There are several fascinating activities that may be completed within the playground, a number of which are the following:

  • Exploring the forest. If you like to complete tougher activities, guests can discover the forest to view wild-life inside it. Nevertheless, it’d be that one exercise; it’s recommended to create helpful information.
  • Riding an elephant. Vacation with children would be fun if all the Way Kambas National Park, because you and your child may walk-around the playground, not on-foot, bike, or bike, but by driving the rear of an elephant.
  • Seeing elephant. Elephant that may do a number of actions that are usually done by people such as for instance artwork, transporting timber, playing soccer, approximately forth becomes a fascinating vision within the playground.

Branches of Economics


macroeconomics and microeconomicsAre you fond of learning economics? Perhaps you already study the basics of it at school, but you want to learn deeper. Your main purpose to improve your knowledge and skill in economics is probably to pursue a career in economics. Well, here we are going to discuss two branches of economics with their areas of study:

  1. Macroeconomics. Macro means “large” in which macroeconomics is a branch of economics that involve large discussion of economics. It mainly discusses about government and organization, rather than individuals or small enterprises. Some areas of macroeconomics are inflation, investment, exchange rate, and country’s income.
  2. Microeconomics. Micro means “small” in which microeconomics means a branch of economics that focuses on business, consumers, price setting, loss and profit, and so forth. Its discussion is more specific and smaller than macroeconomics for sure.

If you want to learn more about economics, you should consider hiring a tutor or taking a course.

Jam Tangan di Lojai


jamLojai adalah toko online favoritku. Mengapa? Selain karena banyaknya variasi barang, aku sangat suka dengan fitur cicilan yang ditawarkan. Di samping itu, Lojai juga sering memberi penawaran menarik dan diskon pula. Menarik, bukan? By the way, aku akhir-akhir ini sedang melihat-lihat jam yang ada di Lojai untuk kujadikan kado ulangtahun sahabatku.

Banyak sekali produk jam tangan di Lojai sehingga aku agak bingung memilih yang tepat. Berikut beberapa brand jam tangan di sana:

  • Casio. Jam tangan casio di Lojai unik-unik dan terlihat stylish jadi semakin bingung. Untuk wanita, ada Casio Feminine Metal Lady, Casio Sheen Chrono Lady, Casion Rhinestones Chrono, dan Casio Aristocrat Metal Gent, dan Casio Metal Fashion. Rata-rata harganya di bawah 1 juta setelah didiskon.
  • Swatch.  Ada pula jam tangan Swatch yang tidak kalah cantik dan elegan dibandingkan casio. Tali jam jenis ini juga unik-unik. Beberapa produknya adalah Swatch Sine Metal, Swatch Chrono Sport, Swatch New Metal Fashion, dll. Kisaran harganya dari 1 – 1,2 juta.